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Our History and Culture programs evolve over time in correlation with trends

f the tourist market to enable you to carry out your projects in France.

The skills and advices of our team, consolidated by 25 years combined experience,

will allow you to ensure the smooth running of the stay. Suitable structures and hotels, organization of meals, booking of means of transport, multilingual guide-speakers and any other service.

Caravelle Tour Services guarantees the result of the stay in accordance with a personal touch, the quality and the success of your trips, in unheard of environmental conditions in harmony with your requirements.

How can you realise your project?

thematic & leisure travel

Go to meet your passion through a specific event and/ or a special theme stay.

Discover our ideal services for this type of stays by clicking on the image or click here

Leisure & thematic

Caravelle Tour Services ensures your clients a journey through time to the discover the French heritage.

Our experience and our skills guarantee you personalized support, logistical planning and optimal organization to take full advantage of the country.

Contact our multilingual team to discover our programs.


Plunge headlong into spirituality through our religious circuits and participate in major events.

Make your pilgrimages in France by clicking on the image or click here


Our expertise at the service of your travels and your professional events.


à la carte

Need a execptional or one-time service?

Do not hesitate

Student travel

For a successful immersion in the culture of the country.

Leisure & theme

The experience of your theme groups will remain anchored.

 Our other  services


Discover the history of Caravelle Tour Services, its team and what animates it to provide you a quality experience for more than 25 years ...



Tel. +33 1 42 74 53 88

Fax. +33 1 42 74 53 83

243 rue de Bercy

Paris, 75012 France



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